4 August 2016

Rising to the Challenge – Shaping a Different Future

HSBC's second annual China Forum, held in New York and San Francisco, brought successful businesses and institutions forging their way in China, together with economic, industry and financial services experts to share insights to help American investors and businesses begin or advance their China strategy.

President and Chief Executive of HSBC USA, Pat Burke, opened the conference with a US perspective on the key economic, trade and policy developments impacting how American businesses operate and invest in China.

"The flow of goods, services, capital, people and innovation between these two great countries has transformed the lives of the American and Chinese citizens," said Burke about the US-China commercial and cultural relationship. "Over time it’s going to make doing business in China more commonplace and more fruitful for American companies and investors. HSBC stands ready to act as a catalyst to what we see as a relationship that will benefit both countries and the global economy."

Burke’s co-host was Helen Wong, chief executive of HSBC Greater China. Burke and Wong are partners in providing financial services to HSBC clients on both sides of the US-China corridor. Wong's remarks from the China Forum in New York (5-page PDF 41KB) and San Francisco (6-page PDF 43KB) are available on the HSBC in the USA website.

Other speakers and panel discussions explored the implications of Chinese economic and market reforms for US businesses and investors, including the recently announced steps to accelerate renminbi trading and clearing in the United States

HSBC China Forum Held in New York and San Francisco (2-page PDF 19KB)